Play music legally

You can use the music of "Cafe Music BGM channel" on your business watched on YouTube to 1,500,000 people in 200 countries around the world.


What is "Cafe Music BGM Station"?

Music for your business

What is "Cafe Music BGM Station"?

"Cafe Music BGM Station" is a background music distribution service for your business. You can use the "Cafe Music BGM channel" music commercially. This music has already been watched on more than 1,500,000 people in 200 countries around the world on YouTube. You do not need copyright procedures to use it.
You can use it at 980 yen per month (tax excluded) only. No initial registration fee and cancellation fee at all. There is no need for dedicated equipment and setting a contract period, so you can start using our service anytime you want.

Please try high-quality music with a 14 day free trial. What you need for a free trial is just your email address and setting up a password. Please be assured we will not be charged automatically after the free trial ends.

Three reasons chosen

Features of Cafe Music BGM Station

Used around the world

You can commercially use the music of "Cafe Music BGM channel" watched on YouTube to 1,500,000 people in 200 countries around the world.

All sound sources are live

All sound sources are original live performances. We are recording every month.

All instrument songs without vocals

All songs are instrumental performance only, with no vocals. We will produce a comfortable space.

Good value for the price

In September 2018 (In Japan)

Initial cost 0yen 0yen 3,000yen
Monthly cost 980yen 1,880yen 3,780yen〜
Minimum contract period None None 6 months
Free trial 14days 14days None

How does it work?

Free trial in limited time only

No initial cost
All music copyrighted
No other installations needed
No additional equipments needed

Using PC / smartphone / tablet

Register from Internet

Installment complete! Check sound by using a speaker

Success Stories

Chosen by many companies

A perfect match for cafes

La Première Pousse

La Première Pousse

We mainly play Bossa Nova and Jazz at La Premiere Pousse. The elegant music creates a better ambiance in our cafe. The number of repeat customers has increased since we started streaming Cafe Music BGM Station. The music makes our food and coffee tasted better. And our customers feel more relaxed to stay in our cafe.

Adds something extra to stores



I usually stream Hawaiian Guitar or Easy Guitar at Surf Shop SEAKONG. It feels as if you’re close to the sea, creating a very relaxing shopping experience for my customers. Not only is the music great, but it also doesn’t cost much.

Music to match hair salons

Hair Loop

Hair Loop

Hair Loop is a concept salon exclusively for adults, where top-notch high-quality treatments are offered in a relaxing atmosphere. When looking for the best music for our salon, we found Cafe Music BGM station. It creates a very relaxing atmosphere in our salon. Since there is no stress such as switching songs, it is easy to use.


Other companies introducing BGM channel Group (partly)

Clark Realty
ARTEC IT Solutions
L'Arc Hotel Macau
Latvian TV programs
Atami Komiya Shrine

Questions & Answers.

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There is no initial cost.
It is 14 days after registration. Please be assured since it will not be contracted as it is after the free trial ends.
Yes. It is possible.Since the information necessary for registration is only the e-mail address and a password, please use it by all means.
You can use PayPal and Credit Card. We accept credit cards from American Express, MasterCard, Visa, JCB, and Diners.
We will request for your billing information at the end of your free trial period.
Yes, you can.
Yes, you can. Please check About corporate contract page.
No. In order to play copyrighted music for commercial use, you need to pay copyright fees separately to music rights organizations.
No. Copyright fees are included in the 980yen monthly fee, so you can play music all you want.
You can use your PC / smartphone / tablet to access the website. Then, you can connect it to your speakers.
Yes, you can. Please display the screen playing the song and set it not to lock or sleep. If you lock or sleep or display other than the playback screen on a smartphone or tablet, the song may stop. Detailed setting method is here
Yes. It is updated within 1-2 months.
There are about 5,000 original tracks in the playlist. It will take approximately 300 hours to play our whole playlist, so you will never get tired even if you play it every day.
No. It is prohibited to create secondary use of the copyrighted music. If you would like to use music on video or mass media please contact us from inquiries.

Our philosophy

from BGM channel Group

BGM channel Group

BGM channel group produces and provides music to the world with the theme “Along with music” on YouTube.
Currently, we have about 30 million views on YouTube per month, meaning the total number of hours that our music has been played adds to about 2,800 years.

We have a monthly recording session that has produced over 8,000 music selections. Our music is used in countries all over the world including TV commercials, movies, photo exhibitions, educational institutions, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, beauty salons, cafes, company receptionists, sundries shops, real estate companies and shops.

BGM channel group made this website to provide music not just for private but also for business uses. Music should be freely available.

We hope that our music without borders will give our listeners a bright and beautiful day every day.

Only 980 yen per month

No commitment, cancel online at any time. There is no need for dedicated equipment and you can start feel free from being bound by contract period setting.